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Progressive Web Apps

PWA's are the newest cutting-edge technology in web development, and they make your webpage function and feel like a real app. Wether it's on a PC, or any mobile device. This way, you only need to create one web page and it will look great and will function like an app on any device.

Mobile First Design

We understand the importance of mobile, and every website we build works perfectly and looks great on the smallest phone or the largest screen. Google's search expects all website to be responsive and they teach a mobile first design process and we always follow Google's guidelines. We study web design daily, and we stay informed of the ever changing website technology landscape..

Excellent Performance

We test every website with Google's Page Speed Insights and Lighhouse, and we fix any issues. We use every technique at our disposal to make your website load in under 2s. We leverage browser caching, use server compression, optimize images, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, use lazy loading, minify code, and use other tricks too.

Search Engine Optimization

We understand organic search optimization along with Googles ever changing search alogrythm. We guide and teach our customers little tricks and thing to improve your websites page rank. We are believers in Google's My Business and the importance of local search results.

E-Commerce Solutions

We know E-commerce very well and will design and build your site on the correct playform for your company, and so you can scale. We specialize in automating many proccesses to make your job easier.

Website Update & Repair

A large portion of our business is updating and fixing websites. Whether you hired a company that didn't complete your site, or you have an older site that isn't mobile friendly. We can help. We have solutions for all scenarios out there, and we are very fair and reasonable.

About Us.

My name is Lance Anderson and I am a long time technologist and entrepreneur. I have been involved in many aspects of tech from a very young age, thanks to my late father. I have also been a small business owner with my brother, so I understand the challenges and budgetary restrictions small businesses have. I have co-oped with a couple other web developers from out west, and our goal is to provide very high quality websites at a fair and reasonable price. Please send me a message or give me a call. I'd love to talk about your website and eCommerce needs.

Some of our work.

Sober Living Connections

Website built with WordPress

Motivational Consulting Inc.

Ecommerce website built with WooCommerce

McDonald Law Offices

Progressive Web App (PWA) with a ServiceWorker

Our Skills.

We have many years experience as both WordPress and HTML front-end developer, creating responsive websites of a high quality.

We specialise in WordPress and front-end development but our knowledge of multiple fields allows us to work on projects with the full scope in mind; simplifying the process of our working together and producing a more cohesive experience for the users.







Progressive Web Apps




What we do.

We use our expertise to extend your brand.

Shiny Brands

We understand the importance of proper branding, and we will make sure your messageing and content is consistent. From website style, to targeting the exact demographic for your products or services.

Mobile First

We guarantee your website will look great and be functional on any device, especially mobile. Some site are so called mobile friendly, but just because they look ok on mobile, doesn't mean that they work great.

Revenue Focused

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the purpose of any site, eCommerce or not, is to convert eyes and clicks into revenue. Whether ordering a product from your site, or calling you to order a service.

Fair Pricing

We are sick of seeing all the so-called web designers ripping people off and selling horrible products & services. We guarantee our work and we always offer fair and resonable pricing.

Website Update

$ 750 Estimated

Update old websites Moble first approach Optomized for Google Search Speed up page load times CONTACT US!

Hourly Work

$ 50 - 75 Per Hour

Fix broken websites Website upgrades Graphic Design and logos Website hosting & maintance CONTACT US!


We would love to hear from you so let's get in touch!